How Does Chennai Make The Best City For Living?

The city of Chennai is one of the most important and urban ones in India. Being the capital of Tamil Nadu, it is one of the biggest cities in the southern part of the country, and it is a bustling metropolis which attracts people, tourists and expatriates, from around the world.

It is a city that has a really distinct identity, and it is exacerbated by the fact that south indian culture is so unique and beautiful. It is no surprise that so many people are looking for flats to rent in Chennai.

Chennai is touted as the best city in the country by many who have lived there, and with good reason. The House of Hiranandani has realized that Chennai is a really well-loved city, so we have a lot of wonderful projects in Chennai. If you have been looking for an apartment or flat for sale in Chennai, or even a plot of land to build a home in the city, we have a lot of wonderful reasons for why we think you must go ahead, and make the purchase. After all, Chennai is one of the best cities for living in India!

1.   The Tamil Culture

Being the epicentre of Tamil Nadu, the coastal city of Chennai allows you to experience the best of Tamil culture. From the beautiful festivals like Pongal, to the art and culture scene, the local culture is one that is to die for. You can experience it in the form of Bharatanatyam performances regularly, and visit the stunning temples in the city, such as Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar temple, the Ashtalakshmi Temple, and many more. The city is full of historical landmarks that signify Indian culture.

2.  Stunning Ancient Architecture

The temples we spoke of? They have breathtaking and beautiful “gopurams” that are sights to behold. The Chennai skyline is dotted with many beautiful temples that add a truly spiritual vibe to the city. That’s the Indian part of the architecture, and the British era architecture is a whole other scene! Chennai city is full of stunning colonial architecture, such as the Connemara Library, the Egmore station, the Higginbothams bookstore, the Corporation building, and even the Victoria Public hall.

3.  Reputed Education Institutions

Chennai is home to a lot of educational institutions that attract students from all over. The Loyola college, IIT Madras, the Madras Christian college, the Chennai Mathematical Institute and the Madras Medical college, to name a few. Chennai is an educational hub for all of southern India, and scholars from far and wide have been known to arrive for the purpose of learning and teaching, in Chennai!

4.  Local And Ethnic Food

The local foods of Chennai have something to love for everyone. From strictly vegetarian foods to meat-laden delicacies, Chennai’s food culture is rich, varied and unlike any other place in the country. From street-side “sundals” to full meals like the iconic “sadhya”, Chennai is home to south indian food like you have never tried before.

The varied culture of Tamil Nadu also offers seasonal delicacies that are unheard of in other parts of the country – think chinna vengayam sambhar and the iconic Murugan Idli Kadai!

5.  A  Truly Urban Lifestyle

Chennai allows its inhabitants all the comforts and conveniences of an Urban lifestyle, without compromising on quality of life. It is not one of the most expensive cities in the country, and it is definitely not a place that is low on amenities. Chennai boasts of far fewer traffic snarls, and a superior Air Quality Index (AQI), too! House of Hiranandani has a lot of wonderful projects in Chennai that are close to the biggest malls and shopping centers, while still being close to stunning beaches.

Chennai is an upcoming IT hub, and this shows that there is plenty of opportunity for growth in the city, which makes every real estate investment you make, an amazing choice. With new companies, come new jobs, and more scope for prosperity, truly making Chennai one of the best cities to live in.

When looking for an apartment to buy in Chennai, we suggest considering the many projects that House of Hiranandani has constructed in the city, such as Octavius – Verona so you can experience it in the best possible way!


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