How greenery at House of Hiranandani in OMR benefits health and mind

Striking a balance between your mental and physical health is pivotal for you and your family’s overall growth. In a life constantly surrounded by mobile phones, traffic and an overbearing, chaotic routine, you can really miss out on working on your own health and mind. When was the last time you stepped out for a casual walk in the park to socialize with your neighbours?

Presently, with more urbanized and fast-paced lives, we are moving further away from a balanced and peaceful lifestyle. In order to find balance in life, a change of setting can truly help. A greener and relatively more open neighbourhood can bring you closer to finding calmness. If you’re looking for a shift in address that is encompassed by greenery and quiet, House of Hiranandani’s luxury apartments in OMR, Chennai are a good place to start your search. Take a look at how the House of Hiranandani flats in Chennai bring you closer to a balanced life –

1. Surrounded by lush vegetation, overlooking backwaters

Allow yourself to feel the refreshing breezes of the lush green cover that surrounds the House of Hiranandani buildings in OMR. In addition to being a green paradise, the property overlooks the backwaters of Bay of Bengal, bringing in cool breezes and fresh, clean air. This stimulating ambience is perfect to bring calmness in your life.

2. Acres of open green lawns and gardens

You no longer have to step out in search of a garden or park to play, take a walk or meditate. The open green lawns and landscaped gardens at the OMR properties make for an excellent backdrop to the beautiful architecture of the buildings. Experience the perks of living closer to greener spaces.

3. Outdoor sports and activity areas

In addition to finding mental peace in lush green surroundings, you can also manage to achieve the benefits of a fitter body. The House of Hiranandani apartments for sale in OMR are home to numerous outdoor activity areas that can be utilized to indulge in various field sports like basketball, football, cricket or tennis. You can also take advantage of other open spaces to play, move around freely and make the most of an active lifestyle.

4. Ample free walking space and trails

The easiest and the most relaxing way to get any physical activity done is by simply taking a walk in green neighbourhood. Stroll, jog or prance, the luxury apartments in OMR have ample open space and designated trails to make every day running easier. You can walk your dog, sit in the garden, take a lousy stroll or run to burn some calories, in the most naturally scenic surroundings at House of Hiranandani.

There are several reasons for ensuring you have a good life balance surrounded by nature’s best kept secrets. Not only does it improve your overall health and wellbeing, but also makes you more active, energetic and cheerful. House of Hiranandani’s apartments for sale in OMR provides a safe haven to build a life surrounded by lush greenery, perfect for kids, adults, senior citizens, and even pets. Bless your next home with the luxury of open green spaces at Chennai’s newest luxury residence, and enjoy a more wholesome life with your family.


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