Live a Luxurious Life In Suburbs With House Of Hiranandani Castalia

In today’s times, Mumbai is the epitome of rapidly changing and fast-moving lifestyles. In this always-on-the-move city, finding a resting place is desirable. You always want a place that makes you forget about all the deadlines and hectic schedules. A house that shelters you from all the kerfuffle and lets you rest like a baby. A nesting place that protects your loved ones. Because of this desire, almost every other place in Mumbai is sprawling with residential projects. One such area is Kandivali West, which includes 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Kandivali or the nearby Kandivali area.

Luckily, the  Hiranandani Kandivali  gives you the experience most relaxing and convenient luxury in the city of dreams. Our residential project, Castalia, is conveniently located in the western region of Mumbai, separated into East and West by a rail route line. Its 45-story tower offers a perfect escape from city life’s chaos and noise.

The project includes 2 & 3 Bhk apartments in Kandivali West with amenities like a theatre, table tennis, badminton, yoga & meditation room, a closed community, and a covered swimming pool. It is also well within driving distance of well-established educational, medical, entertainment, and shopping centres. All of these elements together form an all-encompassing lifestyle that’s sure to bring a smile to your and your loved ones’ faces.

The Location- Why Kandivali? 

People are exploring newer areas to find real estate buildings and apartments that can offer them a proper living in this space-constrained and unstoppable city. Kandivali West is one such area that is gaining more & more popularity.

It is a rapidly expanding neighborhood that has received some of the well-known and world-class civic & residential infrastructure. Well-planned architecture and the interlinking of roads, local trains, the city metro, and footpaths have made the traffic situation much improved than it was before.’

With the arterial Link Road of Kandivali west being connected with other parts of Mumbai, like Andheri, Varli, and Colaba, the place is bound to be the next significant upscale locality in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. And the proposed metro line in this area will fuel real estate development in this neighbourhood. That’s why investing in or buying a 3 BHK or 2 BHK apartment in Kandivali West makes economic sense.

Find Your Nesting Place at The House of Hiranandani Kandivali (Castalia)

Realizing the immense real estate potential in Kandivali West, investors and end-users are showing animated interest in buying or investing in various 2&3 BHK apartments in Kandivali West area. Since it’s a bustling place with people coming from all walks of life to settle here, it also becomes a perfect source for a rental income.

In that respect, Hiranandani Castalia project includes 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Kandivali that are fitted with all the exquisitely designed & engineered amenities to suit the lifestyle of you and your loved ones. Let’s showcase some of those benefits (though we want you to experience them all):

  • Garden of Five Senses – Immerse yourself in the soothing bosom of mother nature and live out in peace and harmony
  • Covered Swimming Pool – Shrug off all the stress and dive out with a refreshed and renewed you.
  • Squash Court – Cool way to stay fit and bask in competitive spirit
  • Tennis Court – Relax and recharge with a back-forth interaction with comfort
  • Yoga & Meditation Room – Get connected with the inner you
  • Gymnasium – Get fitter, healthier, and happier; that’s the mantra to live by.

Please visit our website to learn more about the amenities and all the specifications regarding various 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Kandivali West in the Hiranandani Castalia residential project.

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