Long Term Investment Like No Other: A Property In Chennai

Are you an older millennial who’s now in the process of looking for a property to buy? We see you. As a result of the pandemic, many of us have realized there is quite literally no place like home. While renting was king in the early parts of the 2010s, a sharp uptick has been noticed in this trend, now. Many of us are now choosing to purchase a home of our own.

The joy of homeownership is something that millennials are finally starting to comprehend. Those who preferred being tenants are now considering putting those funds to better use, by spending on EMIs and down payments, instead. Millennials are slowly realizing that it is better to put your income towards building assets, rather than spending it on the need to have flexibility. It is no surprise now that scores of us are now actively looking to buy properties in major cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, to name a few. While every one of these cities has a charm of its own, we are here today to make the case for why you must invest in an apartment in Chennai. 

There are a host of long-term reasons why you must consider investing in a property in Chennai. Here they are:

1. Chennai Has The Remarkable Infrastructure & Development

Unlike other metros that are struggling to build and maintain infrastructure, Chennai is still building itself and has a lot of newer projects that are ready and under construction. From roads to housing projects, Chennai is ushering the new, while preserving its heritage, at a speed that no other city in India can match up to. While new roads such as the Ennore Expressways (I and II), Inner Ring Road, and several IT parks are a huge marker of modernization, Chennai also has a lot of lovely housing projects by trusted and reputed builders like the House of Hiranandani to choose from, such as Octavius – Verona.

2. Chennai Is Accessible And Well-connected

Like any major Indian city, Chennai has a bustling airport and is well connected to other cities across the globe. This is supplemented by the fact that Chennai has a robust public transport system which makes every corner of the city accessible, whether you own a private vehicle or not. For young people, Chennai is a great city to live in if you need to use public transport for your daily commute to work.

Highways, trains, and bus routes keep the entire city within reach, and with auto-rickshaws, travel is made even more convenient. Routes like the ECR and OMR make commutes a breeze, and connect many different parts of the city to each other.

3. Chennai Has Excellent Medical Facilities

Some of the biggest and most trusted hospitals are located in Chennai. Every locality in Chennai is close to a hospital, so in case of medical emergencies, the city is a safe place to be when medical help is needed. Staying close to a good hospital like Apollo, or Fortis, is essential to make sure your quality of life stays high, and to ensure your family stays in the pink of health.

4. Chennai Is The Place To Be When It Comes To Education

Some of India’s most premier educational institutions are located in Chennai. From IIT Madras to the Loyola College to Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai is a landmark when it comes to quality education, with people from all over the country flocking to Chennai to study. Living in Chennai means having easy access to a world-class education, and this is a big reason why you must buy an apartment in Chennai.

5. Tremendous Job Opportunities

With the new IT parks being built in the city, Chennai is now home to companies from all over the world, and lots of companies are now setting up bases in Chennai at a faster rate than ever before. This has created a flurry of well-paying jobs in Chennai, and this is a great marker of the fact that the city is developing more and more. Securing a good job in Chennai is a great way to accumulate a corpus for a down payment for your housing loan. Go ahead and purchase a flat in Chennai so you stay close to where you eventually work.

6. Chennai’s market is known to be stable, and upward moving

It’s well-known that Chennai has been one of the most important cities for media, trade and commerce in Southern India for time immemorial. Its cultural relevance makes sure that any investment in Chennai is bound to bring good returns. Coupled with all of the above factors, the fact that it’s a part of India’s Golden Quadrilateral. House of Hiranandani Octavius Verona property in OMR makes it a worthy, dependable investment.

There are a lot more reasons that make Chennai a great choice for a long-run investment property, but we believe the ones we have listed are the biggest markers of a good investment. The Octavius-Verona project is one such property that is not just a wonderful place to live in, but also a sound investment choice. With the rapid development of the OMR, it’s best to invest in properties in the area. Whether you plan to live in Chennai or not, the benefits are quite clear, when it comes to buying a long-term investment property at OMR. Take the plunge by buying an apartment made by a premium builder like House of Hiranandani, and watch your wealth bring returns like never before.

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