House of Hiranandani Masterpieces of Technology

Technology is going in exciting new directions globally, and the only way we can make the best of it is if we take what is relevant to our own conditions, adapt it to our needs and then utilise this to its complete potential. At House of Hiranandani, this is exactly how it is done, along with the help of some of the country’s finest engineers, architects and professionals.

Over the years, having persistently pioneered newer technologies, bold designs and precision engineering to create landmark communities, House of Hiranandani has been laying emphasis on adopting the latest technological advancements at every stage of development, which includes continual focus on evolving construction management systems, architectural concepts and technologies – not just at the macro level of urban planning, but right down to the details of doors, windows and even the screws that are used in construction.

Take a look at some ways in which House of Hiranandani ensures that every home is a masterpiece of technology:

Superior Quality Construction
Producing good quality concrete is key for durable, long-lasting and maintenance-free structures. At House of Hiranandani, strong emphasis is laid on selecting superior quality construction materials, so as to ensure that the overall development is time tested and long lasting.

Safety Measures in Day-to-Day Living
Pandemic or otherwise, safety is always a vital consideration at House of Hiranandani. Now, more than ever, product planning and designing takes place after considering the health, hygiene and wellness concerns of buyers. Some of the key elements for safety include the Faraday cage system that acts as a protective shield against electromagnetic radiation coming from the external environment. Additionally, vertical stiffener rebars are used, and lifts are equipped with Automatic Rescue Device (ARD), which is battery-operated to facilitate rescue. The basement ventilation features a jet fan based smoke extraction system. The use of Fire-Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) fire pumps above a 60-meter building height restricts the toxic gases and smoke to escape, while High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) and Turbo fans are used for efficient air circulation in the clubhouse and sports courts, and so much more.

Green Practices
While House of Hiranandani has always been a green technology-led organisation, it is increasingly introducing more such technologies to make projects energy-efficient and self-sustainable. The Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), for example, uses advanced Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) for the treatment of wastewater, which is subsequently used for irrigation. Additionally, lighting relies on energy efficient LEDs, organic waste compactors and solar powered equipment are used, and more such practices across all properties.

Sales and Marketing
Much before the pandemic struck, House of Hiranandani adopted newer means to connect with potential buyers, subsequently channeling its focus towards digital marketing. Now, a complete digital ecosystem has been created for sales teams to meet potential customers digitally. New PropTech methods offer buyers a 360° tour of projects, virtual reality, and video conferencing to provide the buyer with an immersive experience of the property. And it is through these digital tools that a buyer successfully gets a sense of what the brand has to offer, without even visiting the property.

With the help of these advanced and innovative practices, the latest forms of technology are being leveraged every step of the way to ensure that the House of Hiranandani that are built are the strongest structures with the most aesthetically pleasing values, designed to last for decades.

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