Minimalism at Home: Living a clutter-free life

Minimalism at Home: Living a clutter-free life

The last half decade has seen minimalism at home emerge as one of the biggest interior design trends. However, the concept is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions. Since many believe minimalism to be a restrictive lifestyle, minimalist homes conjure up images of empty walls and bare furniture. This fallacy has given minimalism quite a bad reputation. At its core, however, minimalism at home aims for perfect arrangements and the least variety of elements. Paring things down and getting rid of everything superfluous in your home not only does wonders for your peace of mind but can also give your interiors a sophisticated and sleek look.

Living a clutter-free life

From monochromatic themes to laid-back luxury, minimalism at home has gained a lot of popularity. However, it doesn’t end there. It extends to maintaining a clean and tidy home – something that we find hard to do because of our hectic daily lives. Here are a few guidelines to help you achieve minimalism at home, one room at a time.


The kitchen is the heart of any home. Make high shelves or cabinets that you can use to store away your appliances and crockery instead of leaving them all out on your kitchen counter. Eliminate as many one-function tools as possible and get rid of multiples – this means removing random plates, knives and boxes that you store in case of emergencies. If you have a breakfast bar or a dining area, understanding what you need while eating or entertaining guests will help you better organise your table, reduce the number of chairs, etc.

Living room

Your living room is the centre of attraction and the first room everyone sees when they enter your home. The hall or living room serves multiple purposes – you get to spend quality time with your family, entertain guests and more. A minimal living room consists of crisp, straight lines, a monochrome theme or an interior style that is sleek and sophisticated. However, most people make the mistake of using every single wall in their living room for paintings, photographs, showpieces and family knick-knacks. By doing this, you take away from these statement pieces. Try to keep only a single piece on display so that it can attract attention. For smaller rooms, avoid using bulky furniture and try to let in as much light as possible. These tricks can help you understand space and its illusion.


Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your home. In some homes with smaller bedrooms, the bed occupies the most amount of space. By learning how to optimise space at the foot of your bed and below it, you can declutter your room and have it looking neat and tidy at all times. However, ensure you don’t have multiple storage options in your bedroom as it will diminish its beauty. Take a look at our blog on décor tips to customise your master bedroom for some unique ideas.

Décor tips

Minimalism at home is the use of crisp décor. Make an ornate ebony table the centrepiece of a room or a smartly designed wall. You will not need any other ornaments in your room. Instead of using several colours in a single room, go for monochromatic hues with one or two pops of colour. This will not confuse the eye or make your guests feel uncomfortable. Additionally, minimal colours will open up your space.

If you want to add some character to your room, experiment with different textures. Elements like flowy curtains, stone-washed walls or a woven rug can help you attain a minimalistic yet intriguing look.

Experimenting with your lighting is another great way of implementing minimalism at home. By using spotlights, you can direct attention towards a particular object and change the look and feel of your room. Use lights of different shapes, sizes and colour temperatures to achieve a unique ambience.

Today, every piece of architecture is taking a contemporary look, and the minimalist technique matches it perfectly. Not only does it help you live a clutter-free life, but it also reduces the visual chaos and gives your home a clean and chic look.

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