Open your heart and home to the festival of lights

Waiting for Diwali with bated breath throughout the year feels like a tedious task. And when it is just a few weeks away, we jump with joy just thinking about how this year’s Diwali will be like – the food, gifts, plans with friends and family, and the list is unending. However, it often happens that in the festive fervour, we skip making the arrangements well in time. Our plans remain stuck in the planning stage, and when it’s time to make those plans happen, Diwali is just a couple of days away.

Now, don’t panic! Here are a few simple DIY ideas to get you sorted for the much-awaited Diwali celebrations, even in the eleventh hour.

1. Say ‘welcome’ to fresh air

There’s always something in the air every time we approach a festive season – that something that reminds us of the special days ahead that will be filled with endless laughter and undiluted merriment. It brings to us the hypothetical imagery of all the delectable food that we will soon lay our hands on without the slightest of inhibitions. The festivities, undoubtedly, start with opening your home and heart to the festive air, letting it gently sweep you off your feet. It clears the air of dampness, brings in natural light and air, and silently announces that the festival of lights is here – finally.

2. Diwali calls for new home decor

Diwali stands for ushering in light and newness into our lives. Why should it be any different with our home decor, right? Take a tiny step further from simply doing a deep cleaning of your home and rearrange your furniture, show pieces and wall hangings. Close in the gaps between your sofa and living room furniture to make space for chairs to make it comfortable for your guests. As for the show pieces and wall hangings, you can either change their placements or replace them with ones that you have tucked away in your store, or get your hands on some new pieces.

3. Personalisation matters

Needless to say, gifts are special. Make your guests feel even more special by personalising your gifts. Add a personal touch with a hand-written note, make a mehndi design or a pretty pattern with beads – let your ideas flow.

4. Colour everything bright

Remember the bed linen with intricate mirror work, that pair of curtains with beautiful threadwork, and the matching cushions to accentuate the curtains – all of which you had especially bought for festivals and special occasions? It’s also time to take out the silver dinnerware and cutlery from the corners of your wardrobe, where you have kept them away with utmost care. These upholstery introduces just the right touch of colour and indigenousness to complement the mood of the season.

5. Fragrance and flowers to complete your home décor

Festivities and flowers go hand in hand. Deck up your home with flowers of your choice. If you prefer to go traditional, what better than marigold garlands to grace the main door of your home and border your rangoli. In case contemporary is your style, choose from the plethora of options – the classic roses and brilliant tulips to the exotic orchids. Complement the freshness of flowers with the fragrance of aroma oils and scented candles.

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