Shankarpally Plots: An Ideal Choice To Build Your Dream Home

To the western end of Hyderabad, lies the quickly upcoming area of Shankarpally. What was once a small hamlet is now a beautiful area with wide, clean roads, lots of expanses of greenery, and now, with tons of plots to choose from if you want to build your dream home. Shankarpally is extremely well-connected to Hyderabad city, so you can very easily work and study in Hyderabad, while residing in Shankarpally. After all, it is only an hour-long commute, and when it means that you can live in a palatial house, we believe that it is totally worth it. But, there are a few reasons why we think the plots in Shankarpally are totally ideal for building your dream home. They are as follows:

Closeness to Hyderabad City
Telangana is a state that has a fairly strong network of roadways and train routes. Shankarpally is no exception to this. With railways and main roads connecting it to Hyderabad, it is obvious that buying a plot in Shankarpally means you can travel to and from the city with ease. It is also super close to Cyberabad, and easily accessible via Hyderabad Road, and the Outer Ring Road.

Value for Money
Having a huge home in the city is tough. Densely populated cities such as Hyderabad have skyrocketing property rates, which can leave your dreams unrealized. Shankarpally offers much better bang for your buck when it comes to plot prices. So, it is a great option for those of us who may not have a massive budget.

Rapid Development
Being a quickly developing area near the city, Shankarpally is one that is fast emerging as a hotspot for shopping destinations, educational institutions, and offices as well. It is also quite close to the IIT campus, and more. There are also lots of clubs that offer great facilities when it comes to socializing, recreation, and more. This scale of development also implies that the rate of appreciation of property in Shankarpally is on the rise. This means your investment today is bound to give you multifold returns in the years to come, and help you and your family prosper.

Wide Roads and Greenery
Being a totally new area, Shankarpally has little to no pollution, and the low density of population ensures that you have a lot of privacy. You can grow your family at a home that is close to nature, yet really close to the city. You can also choose from villa plots that have easy access to amenities, like the House of Hiranandani plots in the area.

Bring your dreams of owning a large home near the city to life, by opting for a plot in Shankarpally to build your dream home. House of Hiranandani is offering stunning loftline plots that you are bound to fall in love with, so do drop by for a visit!



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