How is Technology Revolutionizing the Indian Real Estate Market

Right from innovation in construction to simplifying the property buying process, the Indian real estate market is slowly adapting to newer technologies. With technology going in exciting new directions globally, the only way to make the best of it is if we take what is relevant and adapt it to our needs and then utilise it to its fullest potential. At House of Hiranandani, this is exactly how it is done, along with the help of some of the country’s finest engineers, architects and professionals.

What Makes A Great Building?
A building begins with a flight of imagination, a concept that is unique, and yet universal; when it is complete, it is priceless as each home redefines the quality of life for those who inhabit it with their loved ones. It is the essential middle stage, however, that makes all the difference – the brick-and-mortar construction that involves the best quality materials, superior technical skills, and immense patience and hard work. In addition to that, a great building is crafted with the help of innovation and constantly adapting with the newest trends, modern design and efficiency. 

Difference Between Any Building And An Architectural Masterpiece
A shift in perception can make all the difference between any building and an architectural masterpiece. A building is merely a construction that suffices its purpose. On the other hand, an architectural masterpiece is an experience that goes above and beyond everyday living. At House of Hiranandani, we lay strong emphasis on durability and design, which is a unique mix that is time tested, with the help of up-to-date technology and materials available. At Hiranandani residential projects, we prioritize both durability and design, creating a perfect blend of timeless practices and modern materials and technology. Our masterpieces are renowned worldwide for being not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and long-lasting.. The House of Hiranandani masterpieces are world-class, designed to be safe, long-lasting and aesthetic. The minutest details receive great attention, down to the smallest screw used in construction, while the technology is adapted to Indian needs and conditions, for maximum efficiency. 

How Essential Has Technology Become In Architecture Today?
Technology is disrupting the real estate space globally. It has fundamentally changed not only design and construction, but every step of the way in the whole process. In a very practical sense, design and architecture are applied sciences that require development in technology and research in order to propel their work to new benchmarks, presenting buildings that are not only interesting, but are also future-ready. In recent years, India’s real estate sector has seen significant advancement in technologies that can improve planning and governance, efficiency in development, operations and overall customer experience.

What Innovations Can We Expect In The Near Future?
As 2021 progresses, some of the major innovations include early construction 3D printing development and research transforming into full-scale construction projects. Drones, too, have seen tremendous growth in recent times, used as a tool for data capturing, processing, monitoring and delivering. While ‘smart homes’ have been a recognised phenomenon for a few years now, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been the way physical spaces are built, managed and inhabited to whole new levels. Additionally, BIM software solutions have contributed in ensuring more accurate building processes in the construction space. While all that is working exceptionally well, it also won’t be long before you see robots laying bricks, or tying rebar, helping to create buildings with precision and accuracy, lifting heavy objects and placing them according to precise coordinates. The future is now!

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