The Allure of Living in a Gated Residential Complex

The Allure of Living in a Gated Residential Complex

The essence and style of residential living is evolving rapidly in India, quite in tandem with global trends. The increasing shift towards residential townships is observed to be driven by a desire for community living and luxurious lifestyle amenities

The advent of gated residential communities as single-unit villas and bungalows for the elite:

Gated living is not really a new concept. The first purely residential gated neighbourhoods made their appearance in the late 1800s, when upper-income gated developments were built by wealthy citizens to isolate themselves from the worrying facets of rapidly industrializing cities.

The initial solely residential gated premises in India emerged in the form of collective bungalows or villa-style units in the 1980s. But, these developments were few in number, and were mostly for the elite. In metropolitan cities, such constructions were developed either in the suburbs or the outskirts. These gated developments were built to offer privacy, protection and prestige. Wealthy people too felt the need to live closely among those who had the same lifestyle affinities.

The surge of gated communities in the form of apartments

Today, most gated communities consist of collective apartments and are targeted for the upper-economic market. Gated community living has emerged as a predominant form of new housing construction for this category. The main allure of contemporary gated communities is the security, convenience, social interaction and the access to a wholesome lifestyle experience that it offers.

Gated communities like Hiranandani Lake Enclave offer multiple layers of security, including advanced technology features and manual security-check protocols. All this makes undesirable intrusion very unlikely.

Gated complexes offer residents exclusive access to all kinds of amenities including fitness and relaxation, social infrastructure, retail and healthcare facilities resulting in a comfortable and convenient living experience. Some modern gated communities even have reputed schools. Such features are a key consideration for home-seekers struggling with escalating traffic congestion and time crunch. Children are also able to indulge in meaningful activities without commuting.
Additionally, residents of gated-communities find a good social-support structure within the complex which usually consists of like-minded people, and are able to incorporate a healthy work-life balance.

So, with physical barriers enclosing these properties, several layers of security, easy social interaction with neighbours who share a similar taste for the good-life, and high-class lifestyle facilities that can only be accessed by residents, it’s no wonder that more and more people of the higher socio-economic strata elect to live in gated communities today!

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