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The DreamVerse by House of Hiranandani – #EngineeringYourDreams

Two of the most lucrative and sought after investments of this decade are Real Estate & NFTs. NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens which simply means they are exclusively original digital assets that can only have 1 owner at a time. Just like real estate, based on the design & demand of digital assets, NFTs have proven to be an extremely valuable addition to every smart portfolio.

For over four decades, House of Hiranandani has transformed dreams into reality by handing over your dream canvas to engineers and architects who built this aspiration into a lifestyle. Yet again, we welcome the world to the marvel that engineers and architects can create together in what we call – The DreamVerse.

On this Engineers Day, 15th September 2022, House Of Hiranandani brings to you India’s 1st NFT Collection by an esteemed real estate brand where we Engineer Your Dreams in virtual reality. Offering a line of exclusive and high-in-demand NFT real estate, this is a brilliant chance for potential homeowners to make valuable investments.

Before we dive into the essential details of our venture, let’s understand the true value of investing in NFT real estate.

What is NFT Real Estate?

While there can be much confusion about the new developments in the digital real estate sector, we’ll break it down simply for you. NFTs or non fungible tokens are a new kind of digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos which can be bought and sold at online portals. In today’s tech-centric world, non fungible tokens can be used to represent real estate ownership in a credible and transparent way.

In the current real estate industry, purchasing a property can involve processing significant amounts of paperwork. However, with the emergence of NFT (non-fungible token) real estate, there is a new, innovative way to invest in properties that is not only more streamlined, but also more unique and irreplaceable. This is where Hiranandani Thane comes in, offering a range of properties that can be bought through this cutting-edge digital platform.

House Of Hiranandani’s DreamVerse

Renowned for offering signature architecture for over decades, we create dream homes for every aspiring homeowner with the strong backing of our architects and engineers.

Owing to these engineers who lie at the core of our brand, we present our ‘Engineering Your Dreams’ contest, which offers NFTs that are an amalgamation of realistic design and dream-like vision. Our exclusive NFT collection was launched on India’s 1st platform to offer brand NFTs in INR, Ngagen, which houses over 10,000 NFT collectors. Amongst other brands like PVR, UV Creations, and Makemytrip, our NFT collection is live on

  for all who desire to buy digital real estate and take their portfolio value to the next level!

As a pioneer of Indian real estate with a 40-year-old legacy, House of Hiranandani understands the value of strengthening the educational base of future engineers in India.  Associating with the Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT), we will donate all proceeds from the auction of our NFTs to fund the education of  engineering students at BIT for a brighter future where they can accomplish their dreams.

To encourage aspiring investors to indulge in our HOH DreamVerse, we present you a unique opportunity to participate in the #EngineeringYourDream Contest where you explore the Virtual Reality/ NFT real estate with us and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

Simply Follow These 3 Steps To Participate In The Contest:

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2. Follow us,tag 3 friends and use #EngineeringYourDreams #HouseofHiranandaniNFT

3. Top 5 contenders with maximum likes & comments will get exciting Amazon vouchers!

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Our exclusive NFT collection is now open for auction at

  Take the first step to Engineering Your Dreams and claim your digital art now!

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