The Festive Touch: Design Ideas for Diwali

The Festive Touch: Design Ideas for Diwali

With Diwali right around the corner, we have the best reason to transform our homes. However, redoing the look of our home and replacing all our furniture can be less than practical. More importantly, after the festive season comes to pass, all we might be left with is a festive-themed home without the heady joy of the festival as a backdrop. Of course, Diwali is the grandest of all Indian festivals and it demands that we add that festive touch to our homes.

Here then are some design ideas that will give your home the ideal festive look without the need to make drastic changes:

1. Add the traditional touch: Transforming your modern or contemporary furniture does not get easier than this. Simple changes like using cushion covers with an ethnic look, replacing your coasters with ones which look more ethnic and switching to curtains with a more Diwali feel can add a noticeable festive touch to your house. Don’t forget that rangoli art and an ethnic carpet can also bring the festival to your home. The best part is, all these changes are temporary, allowing you to change the look of your home back to what it was previously.

Cushion Covers

2. Change the lighting: An element with the power to transform the entire feel of your house, lighting is definitely an important aspect to consider when adding that festive spirit to your home. Given the fact that Diwali indicates warmth, change your lighting to reflect the same. Try using sea shell lights to create this effect, this is also possible with soft warm white led bulbs or even decorative Chinese lights.


3. Wall Decals: Wall decals are a great way to go if you want to maintain the contemporary look of your house while adding a festive touch in the process. Also, unlike troublesome wallpapers, wall decals can be removed with the help of a hair-dryer without damaging your wall. These decals are very impactful and don’t require too much effort to install or remove.

Wall Decals

4. Choose the right scent: How do you go about creating the right ambiance? While incense sticks are the way to go, they come with the downside of too much smoke. To constantly give your home a pleasant fragrance, consider using potpourri or scented candles. These tend to be more gentle and last much longer. You can also decorate your scented candles using decorative holders or dry leaf covers and design your own scented festive candles.

Scented Candles

5. Decorate with Diwali baubles: Going back to the basics, Diwali baubles are absolutely fundamental to create the feeling of Diwali in your home. You can use beautiful lamps, especially ones like globule lamps or you could hang a lantern in your balcony/terrace, light up diyas in strategic locations and even makerangoli patterns at your doorstep you can also make unique Diwali torans with flowers or classy decorative papers and decorate your entrance with them. Without the use of these fundamental elements, Diwali is definitely incomplete.

Diwali lamps

With these ideas, you can ramp up your home confidently and make your home festival ready! Here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

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