THE HIGH-RISE LIVING – 5 Reasons to Stay in a Skyscraper

THE HIGH-RISE LIVING – 5 Reasons to Stay in a Skyscraper

There is an almost unprecedented growth rate of infrastructure throughout India. Cities like Mumbai are already being known as Skyscraper City with the 12th highest number of skyscrapers in the world. The majority of these buildings are residential. There is no doubt that the trend of living in high-rises has picked up throughout the country. It becomes very important to understand the appeal of life in a high- rise. Here are some compelling reasons that create this appeal:

1. Bird’s view of the location: One of the biggest perks of living in a high rise building is the magnificent view that comes with it. Imagine living in an apartment with a sea-facing view or an apartment that is in the middle of the city. Coming home after a tiring day of work to an amazing view is one of the most important selling points of investing in a skyscraper flat.

2. Quiet Sanctuary: The taller the building, the further away it is from noise and other disturbances. You can live in a loud crowded city and still find quiet solace in the sanctuary of your home.

3. Sense of pride: One of the best things about living on the top floor of a skyscraper is the sense of power that comes with it. When you’re the owner of a plush flat in an amazing skyscraper, it’s natural to feel this pride. Also, the fact that you will be leaving an amazing legacy for the future generations contributes to this sense of pride even more.

4. Improved safety measures: Concerns that used to caution us from buying a flat in a high- rise don’t hold precedence anymore. Builders follow a strict guideline to ensure proper fire safety and even protection against natural calamities like earthquakes. In fact, you might even be safer in your apartment because buildings are sturdy enough to survive an earthquake. These safety measures are only improving for the better, for example, Dubai is set to introduce a new level of futuristic fire fighting, with flying forces, specially trained and equipped with jetpacks.

5. Improved Urban Livability: In the past, living in a skyscraper implied living away from nature and other recreational activities. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to innovation in the form of high-rise gardening and social communal spaces incorporated within the high rise itself. Not only are the residents protected from pollution, they’re also exposed to a clean and healthy environment. Urban livability in skyscrapers has improved remarkably.

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