This Monsoon, Make Your Home Festive Ready in Five Easy Ways

This Monsoon, Make Your Home Festive Ready in Five Easy Ways

Tip-tap the raindrops fall, cool breeze flows through the window, the sweet scent of wet soil fills your apartment. Monsoon is undoubtedly the most refreshing season where the trees and bushes look fresh and lush as if they have just stepped out of a shower. However, it brings with it dark cloudy skies, moist smell, water dripping floor mats, and marks of mud all over the floor.

It is also the season of festivals. A festival is incomplete without food and decorations. Here are some ideas to give your home a makeover for the monsoon festivities.

Organise Your Entrance

Organise your entrance - House Of Hiranandani

Muddy shoes, water dripping raincoats, and drenched umbrellas make the home entrance a messy business. With guests coming home, it becomes even more difficult to manage. You can organize it by placing a wrought iron coat rack hanger, a jute or metal umbrella holder with drip tray, a metal shoe rack for wet floaters and sandals, and a jute or rubber doormat.

A creative way to manage the accumulated water from the drenched umbrellas and raincoats is to put some water jelly beads, in the drip tray. This would not only make your entrance manageable but also add the monsoon colour to the entrance of your new apartment.

Lighten up the House 

Lighting up the House - House Of Hiranandani

It is important to keep your house well-lit in the dark cloudy days. Light up your house with those table lamps and lanterns you brought in your last vacation. There is nothing better than fairy lights to give your house a festive touch.

Aroma candles on the side table, the centre table, or the wall shelves can come in handy when you want some dim lighting in the evening. The dining area is the highlight of any dinner party. You can replace your flower vase with glass candle centrepiece to give it a royal touch.

If you want to add some spark to your living area while maintaining the grandeur of your interiors, crystal bead curtain partitions are a good option.

Add Colour to the Living Room

Add Color to the Living Room - House Of Hiranandani

You can create a rainbow themed decor by adding vibrant colours to your living room. Heavy ornamental curtains and fur carpets might attract mould in this moist weather. Replace them with light cotton or polyester curtains, which are easy to wash and dry quickly.

You can add more colour by mixing up kelly-green curtains with brick red and earthy brown cushions or a corn yellow tablecloth with tangerine table mats.

Reinvent the Essence of Your Home

Reinvent the essence of your Home - House Of Hiranandani

In this moist weather, it is important to keep your house fresh. Music adds on to the positive atmosphere. Put a wind chime on the window and enjoy the sound created by the cool breeze. Add some fragrance to your living room with a beautiful purple flower arrangement or lavender or musk aroma candles.

Veranda – the New Dance Floor

Verandah - House Of Hiranandani

Monsoon is the perfect time to take out your barbeque grill, put on the chef hat, and sharpen your grilling skills. Convert your veranda into a cooking space and your garden into a dance floor.

It is always a joy to share the festivities of life with your loved ones in your own house.

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