Top 5 Reasons Why Thane is the Best Real-Estate Investment Opportunity For NRIs 

Over the years, the Indian real estate market has evolved to be the most desirable investment option for NRIs & foreign investors. The booming economy, political stability, and promising return on investments are some of the major reasons why properties get sold out like hotcakes in this part of the world. In this promising real estate market, Thane is one such place that is making a loud noise among investors.

The place is surrounded by Thane Creek and the hills of Parsik, Yeoor, and Sanjay Gandhi National Park which ensure a perfect living ambiance. All of these factors make it a major hotspot for residential and commercial projects. Residential Housing by the House of Hiranandani in Thane is one such project. It becomes even more attractive to NRIs who’re looking to invest in a 2 or 3-BHK house in Thane (Mumbai Metropolitan Region).

There are some more reasons why Hiranandani Thane is the best real estate investment opportunity for NRIs. Let’s dive into them right away.

Advanced Connectivity

This is the first and foremost requirement that you would consider before making a real estate investment. Over the years, Thane has evolved from being a dusty and snooty industrial neighbourhood.

Thane enjoys excellent connectivity to all the major parts of Mumbai like Wadala, Bhiwandi, and Kalyan via road, rail, and the city metro. This remarkable connectivity will further be boosted by the proposed Thane-Borivali Tunnel and Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Moreover, less road traffic & congestion across the city enables the smooth transportation of goods and services which further help in sustaining several small & medium scale businesses. Thus, ever-improving connectivity makes it an even more desirable investment opportunity for NRIs.

Better Returns

The second-most important requirement for you before making a real estate investment is the rate of return on investment. We all know that India is growing fast and people are migrating to the cities for better employment opportunities.

Such a large influx also leads to a rise in demand for residential places. You as an NRI could make the best of this situation by investing in a 2 or 3-BHK property in Thane. You can consider it your best investment decision because of the ease of accessibility, affordability, and the presence of amenities in properties around the area. Moreover, the strong dollar against the Indian rupee ensures better buying capacity.

Serene Environment

Another significant factor that you need to consider before making a real estate investment is the presence of amiable surroundings around your 2 or 3-BHK apartment in Thane. Because of its proximity to the national park, and hills, the place is blessed with scenic and natural surroundings. Also, the strong governmental regulations and growing eco-consciousness among the residents further elevate the level of greenery and calmness around Thane.

This led to the coming up of better residential housing projects like the House of Hiranandani in Thane. These projects have become the most favorable investment destination for NRIs.

Presence of Commercial Hubs 

Another significant factor that you as an NRI need to consider before making a new real estate investment is the presence of job-generating business ventures and commercial hubs around your 2 or 3-BHK apartment in Thane.

The industrial zone of the Thane-Belapur-Kalyan belt hosts a lot of companies from manufacturing and service-oriented sectors. This led to the abundance of shopping malls, theaters, hotels, educational institutes, hospitals, parks and recreation facilities, lakes, markets, and other social centers. Because of this very reason, residential housing projects like the House of Hiranandani in Thane have become one of the most desirable real estate investments for NRIs.

Varied Housing Options

Lastly, you as an NRI need to consider before making a new real estate investment the presence of large options of 2 or 3-BHK apartments in Thane. The availability of options indicates that developers and realtors are interested in this place and it also helps in reselling or renting out the property.

Micro-markets such as Majiwada, Manpada, Brahmand, Kasarvadavli boast of tall towers comprising swanky apartments and amenities. You can pick from options from penthouses, condominiums, studios, and convertible apartments to high & low-rise apartments.

Well-built residential projects like the Hiranandani Thane have everything from relaxing in a pool or playing with your kids, pets, or friends to breathing in the fresh air. So, you can call it a home away from your home.

Visit the House of Hiranandani in Thane For a Perfect Real Estate Investment 

If you are on the lookout for 1, 2, 3, & 4 BHK flats in Thane, look no further. The House of Hiranandani in Thane is considered one of the best residential projects in the city. The residential projects include Hiranandani Estate, Rodas Enclave, Lake Enclave, and One Hiranandani Park. The buildings are fitted with neo-classical designs, extensive green landscapes, and a wonderful mix of commercial, retail, educational, and hospital facilities.

Please visit our website to learn more about the amenities and all the specifications regarding various 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Thane by the House of Hiranandani Projects in Thane.


This is not an exhaustive list of reasons, but it still covers all the main reasons why Thane is the best real estate investment for an NRI. These pointers successfully elaborate on the fact that Thane is and will be a hot spot for real-estate developers and buyers. The place has residential projects for everyone from the most affordable to the most luxurious 2 or 3-BHK apartments in Thane. We hope that these reasons will help you make a better decision in making a great real estate investment. So, if you want to start a family and want to give them the best facilities and surroundings, then you should definitely think about investing in flats & apartments in Thane.

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