The Ultimate Guide For Buying Residential Plots in Hyderabad

Buying a plot for your family’s home is quite a huge deal. Not only is it the biggest purchase you will ever make, it is also the one you are going to be living in. Your dream home is where you will rest and relax, spend time with your family, and decorate to your heart’s content. It’s a big move, and a lot of careful thought and planning needs to go into this process. There are a lot of moving parts and points to consider, some of which are drab and technical, and others that are more about what you and your family needs. Well, we are here to help you with this guide to buying residential plots in Hyderabad. Let’s start with the factors you must consider.

Close to schools, close to your office, close to your parents’ homes. These are priorities most people have. But on the other hand, these priorities could differ. Maybe you need a home that is closer to nature, and allows you to have a wonderful terrace garden. It is also likely that you want to avoid the humdrum and hustle and bustle of cities, and want to move somewhere quiet. Ask yourself these questions before you set out to look for a plot in Hyderabad.

Certain areas of the city can be extremely expensive when it comes to buying a plot for a standalone home. Areas such as Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills and Gadchibowli are bound to be a lot more pricey, but if you are looking for more value for money, consider the suburbs of the city such as plots in Shankarpally, Uppal, Somajiguda and Miyapur. Consider areas that are close to your office or good schools, depending on what your plan for the next few years might be.

Do you need a home that gives you a lot of peace and quiet, or one that is a hop, skip and jump away from your workplace? Do you need one that is close to the airport, or one that is close to your kids’ school or college? Accessibility is a big factor to consider whenever you are looking to buy a plot for your home.

Seller credentials
One must always do a check of the seller’s credibility when shopping for a plot to build a home. Is the seller well-known? If you are buying from a previous owner, is all their documentation in place? We suggest going for a credible builder such as House of Hiranandani to ensure you have the most seamless purchasing experience, along with great payment plans to choose from.

Having the documents in place is super important when it comes to property. After all, no land purchase is complete without proper paperwork. There are a lot of types of documents you must make sure are available, such as the Title Deed, NA Order, Encumbrance Certificate, the plot’s FSI, Release Certificate, etc.

Land Use Approval
Oftentimes, we see a plot of land, and would like to use it to construct our dream homes. However, this is not always an option, as certain areas are earmarked for industrial use, farming, etc. Just make sure what the land is pre-approved for!

There are more factors to consider, but we think this guide should sort you out for a really smooth start. Go ahead and buy yourself a stunning plot in Hyderabad’s vicinity to build your family’s dream home!

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