Understanding the Construction Process of a Building

Understanding the Construction Process of a Building

For a homeowner, stepping into their new home is a feeling of joy and celebration. However, not many know the processes that go into creating the space they will now call their ‘home.’ That is why we at the House of Hiranandani have created this insightful video to help you understand how your home is built.

Remember, understanding the various aspects of construction can go a long way when one has to make a buying decision. Aspects such as the building’s foundation, the quality of construction, the building plan etc are important details that must be paid attention to, to make better informed choices and for later peace of mind.

In the latest edition of our #Realtyism video series, Mr. Manish Jain, Chief Operations Officer (Projects), House of Hiranandani explains the step-by-step process of constructing a building.

1. Always remember that a strong building starts with a strong foundation. A strong foundation helps keeping the building stable and strong. But how is a foundation laid? Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  • Excavation – After the site is cleared and levelled, the earth is dug until the required level. The taller the building is going to be, the deeper the excavation.
  • Piling – Once the excavation is done the piles are set. The piles form the building’s foundation and are responsible for supporting the weight of the building.
  • Vertical columns – On completion of the pile foundation, vertical columns are installed. They support the walls of the building and transfer the load of the building to the foundation.
  • Beams – Horizontal beams connect the various vertical columns and help support the subsequent slabs.
  • Slabs – They are formed on the top of columns and beams and allow for apartment walls to be built as per the floor plan. This replication is what completes the building structure.

2. Building Services – Once the physical structure is complete, building services are added. They take the structure from a concrete mass to a liveable property. These include the sanitary, plumbing fixtures, fire fighting equipments, power supply and much more. Building services are important as they create sustenance and functionality for the building. They include:

  • Openings such as windows and doors are added.
  • Tiling of the floors of the building.
  • The aesthetics of the building, which includes painting and adding landscape elements around the structure.

3. Approval – After completion of the structure, a Municipal officer will inspect the structure to ensure that it is built as per the approved plan. If it covers all the criteria as per the plan, the building receives a completion certificate. This is to ensure safety of the building in the long run.

House Of Hiranandani would like to inform you that we follow every norm in the process of construction for all our projects. We developed our apartments in Bangalore or the plots in Hyderabad following the best construction standards. We hope this video helps you to better understand the processes that goes into building a new construction and enables you to make a better informed buying decision.

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