Bring Outdoors In with House of Hiranandani’s Unique Balconies & Decks

A well designed balcony has a unique and incomparable charm. It is one of the most versatile spaces of the house that can easily be converted into a small nursery or a comfortable place to unwind. Over and above, a balcony, deck or patio can really amp up the overall energy of the house. 

A balcony or deck is a welcoming addition to a house. It allows you to connect with the external world and enjoy scenic views from the comfort of your home. Additionally, it is a great way to allow the natural light to enter your living space and brighten it up instantly.

Paying special attention to the need for a balcony in a modern home is a must. If you are on the lookout for a new house, make sure you invest in one that has a well built balcony. For House of Hiranandani homes, decks have always been an important element. Each apartment is thoughtfully constructed with careful attention to details that make the house appear spacious and airy. 

Take a look at what makes House of Hiranandani balconies and decks unique: 

Design – The decks are large, typically ranging between a maximum size of 143 to 180 sq. ft., along with a 150mm height upstand with marble top on railing area for elegance. Most of all, it adds aesthetic value to the homes.

Safety – Decks are provided with 1200mm height railing for safety. They are elegantly designed with heavy railings, which are corrosion-resistant and galvanised wherever required.

Utility – Full height windows are provided to allow natural lighting and ventilation in the living room and bedroom. Marble flooring with ‘V’ groove joints/non-slippery tiles are provided in decks. 

Attention to detail – Aluminium sliding windows with toughened glass, designed to withstand wind pressure in high-rises are provided. The deck slabs are sunk by 250 mm to provide waterproofing. Finished floor level of the deck is 75mm below the living area to avoid rainwater splashing into the apartment.

While homebuyers have always valued the open space and grand views that balconies have offered them, it was during the pandemic that they were truly recognised for their multiple benefits. Residents confined to their houses during the lockdown began to enjoy these versatile spaces – their decks offered not only breathing room, but also privacy for those who needed to work from home. 

Decks have become an increasingly vital consideration for homebuyers looking for extra space. At House of Hiranandani, this unique part of the house is given a special thought, because not only does it elevate the overall aesthetic of the house, but also positively impacts everyday living.

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