VISION THANE 2031 the blueprint for Future Development of Thane

Thane is the fastest growing region in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) due to a variety of natural and human reasons. Not only is it blessed with lush green mountain ranges on one side and alluring creeks on the other side but a slew of infrastructure projects announced by the government and municipal corporation has added tremendous momentum to its growth as a Residential and Commercial Hub.

But for the sustained economic growth of the city, efficient delivery of urban infrastructure services along with the expansion of services commensurate with the pace of urban population growth is of crucial importance. With this in mind the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has envisioned a VISION Document to promote a holistic growth of Thane in the future, keeping in mind the environment. Under the Government of India’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), the TMC has prepared a realistic Action Plan VISION 2031 for Future Development of Thane. The developmental projects finalized in the detailed action plan of the VISION have been formulated in the CITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN (CDP) identifying and prioritizing the projects, on various parameters. It focuses on major aspects like the poverty alleviation, upliftment of the poor and eco-friendly projects which have a positive impact on the city’s environment.

TMC has adopted an analytical approach while formulating the overall plan thorough consultation with the citizens and all the stake holders. It has involved them in conceptualization, implementation, monitoring and documentation while forming the CDP and VISION 2031 for Future Development of Thane.

‘VISION 2031’ has identified the following growth engines which have the potential for significant, equitable impact in the Future Development of Thane City:

Location Advantage and Exceptional Connectivity:
Thane Infrastructure projects has a strategic locational advantage and it offers exceptional connectivity to all parts of India through Road, Rail and Air networks. It is in close proximity by road to both the central and western suburbs of Mumbai, the Eastern Express Highway and the Western Express Highway and all other major roads coming into and going out of Mumbai city. Even the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, a major port of India is just 20 kilometers away.

Knowledge-based Industries and Services Sector:
Moreover, Thane’s evolution into an emerging real estate hub is not just limited to its connectivity but also driven by the surge in knowledge-based industries and services. Due to its vicinity to Greater Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and MMR tremendous employment opportunities are also available in the region. The services sector (BPO & IT) driven by the Real Estate growth, are being viewed as other growth engines for Thane. The availability of highly skilled labour and manpower is the main advantage for Thane to grow knowledge-based industries & service industries. To propel their growth the IT Sector has been given an exemption in Octroi for five years. And the results are beginning to be seen. The sprawling state-of-the-art TCS facility that employs more than 30,000 employees is one of the prime examples of this. An international hub is expected to come up in a year or two in the city area.

Real Estate Development:
Even though Thane’s base has been the industrial sector, there has been also a corresponding growth in construction activities. The corporation has been giving attention to the basic development of the city and this has motivated its growth with large builders undertaking complex developments in the city. Additionally necessary efforts are being made to make the industrial areas more conducive for residential consumption.

Eco-tourism and Hospitality Sector:
Since Thane is naturally blessed with a large area of green and mountainous terrain on one side and creeks, rivers and other water bodies on the other, the TMC has taken and proposed a lot of steps to nurture effective afforestation program to boost eco -tourism and hospitality sector. To accelerate its growth, TMC has proposed an eco – friendly picnic spot in Yeoor . A botanical & zoological park in the Ghodbunder area, has also been planned jointly by the TMC & the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Similarly, a nature park along the Thane Creek is also being developed. In this park, seasonally flowering plants have been planted, along with other trees that can attract different variety of birds and animals. These initiatives and programs will go a long way in converting Thane into a “GREEN CITY” & boost its sector of eco -tourism and hospitality.

Retail Sector:
The retail sector is another industry that is expected to be a major growth engine in Thane, along with real estate. There are already several malls under construction in the Ghodbunder Road area of Thane, with many more new projects in thane Ghodbunder road scheduled for completion within the next two years. These upcoming developments are expected to bring about significant changes in the area and create new opportunities for businesses and investors alike. With the rapid expansion of the retail sector, the Thane Ghodbunder Road region is quickly becoming a prime destination for commercial real estate investment in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Inland Navigation:
Thane’s strategic location and its creeks would help to facilitate inland navigation from the city to the neighboring areas.TMC intends to formulate a project of inland navigation towards Vashi, Kalyan & Borivali areas through its Kalwa Creek & the Ulhas River. The implementation of this project will further promote a large number of commercial and retail activities which in turn will help TMC to generate a new source of income.

Thus the strategic action plan of VISION THANE 2031for Future Development of Thane has been drawn up to achieve an integrated developmental approach, so as to maintain the ecological balance of the city. Thane is thus well on its way to becoming a Smart City.

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