What makes Bangalore real estate on an uptick?

Bangalore is an emerging frontrunner in the real estate property market and there are a combination of several reasons that have led to this uptick, for both residential and commercial properties. Over the years, all parts in and around Bangalore city have witnessed tremendous infrastructural growth, supported by a phenomenal network of transport routes.

Recently, the Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) made it mandatory for developers to regularly update the progress of their projects, including the use of at least seventy percent of the funds collected from homebuyers towards the cost of the project. This in turn has made the whole real estate investing process in Bangalore relatively more transparent and accountable, keeping everyone happy at the same time attracting more investments.

In comparison to other metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore property market is relatively more affordable with vast options in the luxury residential and commercial spaces. Currently, Bangalore is posing as a potential real estate market for investors as well as end-users, not only from within the city, but also overseas. It is also consistently the most lucrative market compared to older metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi, given its excellent social infrastructure, educational institutes, and entertainment facilities.

Another very important reason why the Bangalore real estate market is on an uptick is because of the growing IT nexus, which has resulted in an increasing number of young professionals to shift base for better career prospects. This rising employment graph and enviable pleasant weather majorly contributes to people’s decision of settling in Bangalore.

To keep up with this latent demand of luxurious residential space, major real estate developers in Bangalore like House of Hiranandani are constantly innovating with all-inclusive housing projects in popular neighborhoods of the city. Together with affordable property rates and unique housing opportunities by House of Hiranandani, you can now easily invest in a 1 or 2 BHK flat in Bangalore for those in search of small yet spacious homes, and 3, 4 BHK or standalone villas for growing families.

Popular real estate developers in Bangalore like House of Hiranandani are revolutionizing small format homes, innovating with unit sizes, smart homes, and sustainable and eco-conscious homes, attracting homebuyers to new investment opportunities. Truth is, this fuss-free city offers excellent career opportunities, great weather and a growing spread of luxurious new apartments in Bangalore, slowly becoming the most sought after city for young professionals, couples and growing families.

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