Why Buying a 1 BHK in Bannerghatta is a Smart Move?

Since Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, it is safe to assume that the city is set to grow more and more. With global corporations setting up bases in Bangalore city, there is a lot of expansion in the works. As opportunities increase, it is only natural that people will migrate to Bangalore, and look for apartments in the city to buy or rent.

With many young people choosing to make Bangalore their home, it is only natural that there is a really high demand for luxury flats and premium projects in the city. People want quality homes in beautiful surroundings, to unwind in after their tough tech jobs. This is just why the House of Hiranandani launched Torino, a stunning project with every modern amenity, a beautiful and tranquil lake at the property, and wonderfully designed 1 BHK homes that are perfect for those who seek the perfect balance between work, leisure and play.

If you are looking for a prudent investment to make, we strongly suggest a 1 BHK in the suburbs of a city that is all set to grow, even more, at a skyrocketing pace. Let us explain why a 1 BHK in Bannerghatta is a really smart move.

Modern Amenities, Close to Nature

House of Hiranandani has ensured that Torino is filled with luxurious and premium amenities that are sure to be appreciated by anyone who chooses to live on the property. With amazing facilities for kids, senior citizens and working people alike, the property also has a lot of open spaces to enjoy, which makes buying a house in the project a really good decision. Not many projects in Bangalore offer all these facilities, at the same price.

Trusted and Reputed Builders

The House of Hiranandani is an extremely esteemed builder that has stunning properties all over the country. From townships in big cities to plots in smaller ones, you can trust the brand name, and bank on the fact that the property will always be well maintained.
You can bet that you will get your money’s worth, and will also gain great resale value when the time comes to sell.

The Market is Ripe

In a city like Bangalore, when there is a lot of scope for growth, expansion and opportunity, the market is quite ripe with demand for luxury 1 BHK homes in the city, and in the suburbs. The tech sector in the city has been on the upward trend for decades, and there is going to be a lot of people seeking out homes with good amenities, quality construction and premium lifestyle options to enjoy, whether it is by renting, or buying. Homes like these are bound to sell easily, and are bound to go on rent just as easily.

Accessibility to Bangalore

Bannerghatta is a mere 12 KM away from Bangalore city’s Central Business District. Whether or not you work in tech, or whether or not your child goes to school in the city, your home is going to remain extremely accessible. With time, the area is bound to develop more and more, so expect a rise in prices of properties in the region. This guarantees great return on investment, and this is what makes buying a 1 BHK in Bannerghatta extremely viable for any kind of buyer.

Whether you are an aspiring homeowner or a seasoned investor looking to make a fruitful investment, buying a 1 BHK in a stunning property like House of Hiranandani Bangalore is just the way to go.

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