Why community living at House of Hiranandani in OMR wins over any other form of living?

Picture your dream home as a spacious, airy apartment, set amid an expansive spread of lush greenery, overlooking a beautiful view, with likeminded neighbours, and a garden to play with your kids and pets – Seems almost perfect, right? This is the beauty of community living. Unfortunately, what most of us end up in is a boxy apartment with less to no natural light in a distant location, with not too many people to interact with.

A network of apartments that enjoy the benefits of seclusion, but also come together united as a community, is the key to healthier and happier living. With changing preferences and the need for more inclusive lifestyles, people have gradually started gravitating towards integrated community living. Here’s a look at why community living at House of Hiranandani properties in OMR is winning hearts among young couples and growing families –

1. Unparalleled complex of luxury residences

The concept of ‘more the merrier’ is successfully working for the House of Hiranandani residences in OMR. It brings together a complex of luxury residential towers that offer 1, 2 3, & 4 BHK homes, catering to individual budgets and preferences.

2. Gateway to a modern lifestyle

Crafted with precision, House of Hiranandani homes offer modern, luxury spaces that are designed in the most stylish and opulent way possible, together with contemporary interiors, new age amenities and facilities that go beyond catering to everyday necessities.

3. Brings likeminded families together

Living where you’re surrounded by likeminded people feels great at any age. It makes a difference in the quality of life you wish to lead. At House of Hiranandani in OMR, families happily come together to share common interests and celebrate festivals and events. It is a great place to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make the most of living in the same neighbourhood.

4. Active, healthy lifestyles

A community life at House of Hiranandani properties exposes you to a host of leisure activities to indulge in. If you have amenities such as indoor games, outdoor sports arena, swimming pool, gym and jogging track at your constant disposal, you are bound to lead an active life, always surrounded by something to keep yourself productively occupied.

5. Secure and serene neighbourhood


One of the best things about living in a House of Hiranandani property is that you will always be surrounded by a belt of lush greenery and a serene neighbourhood that is fully equipped with advanced security systems.

It is safe to say that community living is a winner for urban families, especially at House of Hiranandani properties in OMR, Chennai. Choose from the different styles and configurations of residences – Hiranandani Edina is a 31 storeyed luxury tower offering spacious 3BHK homes, while Hiranandani Tiana offers thoughtfully planned stylish 2BHK homes, Hiranandani Amalfi radiates an extraordinary grandeur across its 35 floors, and Hiranandani Bayview Chennai is a 40-floored architectural bliss that offers a gorgeous sea view from its opulent 3BHK homes, among other properties. Experience the best kind of community living in OMR with likeminded neighbours, only with House of Hiranandani properties.

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