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Why is Dussehra an auspicious occasion to book a property

Dussehra, also popularly celebrated as Vijaya Dashmi and going by numerous other names as well, is a commonly celebrated Hindu festival in India. As a diverse country, our festivities tend to be diverse too. We celebrate this longstanding festival in various ways across the country, and its prominence remains perpetual. As it signifies the victory of good over evil, Dussehra is considered as an auspicious day to start something new.

Whether it is a new vehicle, job or business, it is considered auspicious to initiate it on this festival day. However, with a successfully growing real estate market in India, most Indians and NRI’s are choosing Dussehra as the perfect day to invest in a property. This day is considered as a prosperous day to commence something new as it is expected to be relatively more favorable and positive for a better outcome.

If you are in search of investing in a property, then now is the time. Besides being considered fortunate, it is also a good time to scout for offers and deals that are usually offered during this time. Another upside to investing during Dussehra is that many builders choose to launch their properties on this day, considering it to be lucky. Potential homebuyers are always on the lookout for new properties when festivals are around the corner, and rightly so.

For many, buying a house is almost a one-in-a-lifetime investment, which is why they choose to purchase a property during important festivals, when faith and emotional quotient is high, coupled with great discounts and home offers. If you are too, on the lookout for investing in new residential properties during Dussehra and Diwali, then check out the new apartments in Bangalore and luxurious apartments in Chennai, by House of Hiranandani, one of India’s top real estate developers.

As one of the most prosperous days according to the Hindu calendar, Dussehra is a great time to make long-term purchases. It brings smiles at home, fulfills dreams and helps aspire for future endeavours. This Dussehra, we wish you all a prosperous future and a beautiful, complete home filled with joy and positivity.

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