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Everything You Need to Know About The 2019 Real Estate Market

Real Estate is a tricky sector, because no matter where you think you might be looking, there is always some room for uncertainty. That said, 2019 appears to be a year filled with new challenges and newer opportunities, especially for those who know how to embrace the fluctuating market dynamics.

The year 2018 has undoubtedly seen a roller coaster of changes, especially with the existing inventory. Here’s how we expect 2019 real estate to unfold –

Steady growth in demand within the residential segment
The main concern with new homebuyers has been lack of new homes, new dimensions and new tastes. However, 2019 promises an improvement in the pace of sales, leading to an increase in demand and prices. The subsequent hike in property prices is chiefly due to newer options that meet the growing lifestyle demands, of those looking to buy new houses. With the increase in the magnitude of millennials reaching their 30s in the next couple of years, it only suggests that the housing market will continue to surge this demand.

Increase in supply of affordable homes
As opposed to 2018’s inventory concerns, this year will see the introduction of affordable and budget homes in order to target young couples and growing families. The main point of difference here is that these affordable homes will be more spacious and provide common luxurious amenities in order to meet the modern day demands of convenience and customization.

Slower price appreciation
The property rates in the residential sector have been facing a serious setback due to the recent liquidity crisis. Prices are expected to increase only by a fraction, also leading to several housing projects to stay under wraps due to inadequate funding.

Stable rise in commercial real estate
Thanks to the increasing start-up culture, the upscale demand for office, commercial and co-working properties will see the light of day. Gauging by the current market status, commercial properties are providing stable returns, which marks a big relief for the younger generation.

Price mismatch of residential units
With the growing number of nuclear families, homebuyers are on a constant lookout for residential units that align with their modern sensibilities and budgets. This increase in demand will in turn push developers to match housing with the budgets of the end users.

With that in mind, House of Hiranandani have created a blanket of beautiful, luxurious homes in South India, with modern day lifestyle amenities, excellent location choices and the idea that allows everyone to build their dream homes.

House of Hiranandani excels in creating luxury homes that offer a sense of unparalleled bliss, reflecting in each of its properties. Some of the most picturesque projects in Bangalore include luxury homes in Bannerghatta road, Devanahalli, Hebbal residential projects that offer breathtaking views and a serene living experience. Flats for sale in Chennai and new apartments in OMR offer a self-sustaining, holistic life with an envious locational advantage. As for Hyderabad, Shankarpally caters to the aspirations of many, interspersed with lush greenery and individual preferences.

The rising demand of affordable homes with modern day amenities has led to a rise in more integrated and all-encompassing properties. In line with these trends, House of Hiranandani has built spacious, luxury homes for different family sizes, with an increased emphasis on security, everyday lifestyle amenities and a comprehensive neighborhood.

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