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Tips For Making Your Home Pet Friendly

When you bring a furry friend home, you not only introduce him to your family, but also to a safe and comfortable environment. Your pet deserves a safe and healthy environment just as much as you do. As you start the process of making your home pet-friendly, make sure you remember that there could be certain factors that do not pose as a threat to human beings, but could be dangerous for animals. Here are a few ways to help make your home pet-friendly –

  • With pets at home, it is best to skip carpets and rugs and go for easy-to-clean textured tiles or hardwood floors. Rugs collect hair, bacteria and other germs that could easily turn into a breeding ground for fleas.
  • Those with cats or dogs at home are more likely to find hair and nail scratches on their furnishings. Make sure you pick deep colors and scratchproof fabrics for your couch and curtains.
  • Keep common safety measures in mind, such as install childproof latches in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards and store items high to prevent your pets from reaching food, products or chemicals that can cause harm to them.
  • Not knowing enough about your houseplants is another common hazard that most people overlook. Make sure you research enough beforehand to know if your plants are dangerous for your pets.
  • A few quick things to ensure complete safety of your pets – Keep the garbage bins closed, eliminate dangling wires such as phone chargers and cable wires, keep the toilet lid closed, use tinted mirrors and stow any breakable items on top shelves.

Pets are a part of your family – Before you invest in a new property, make sure you have made provisions for your furry friend’s needs as well. Pets enjoy their alone time as well, so ensure there is enough space for them to be on their own. Besides that, a pet-friendly neighborhood with more open spaces and gardens is equally imperative to make sure your pets have ample room to play.

Indian households are slowly warming up to the idea of pet-friendly homes. The House of Hiranandani group brings to you apartments in Bangalore which ensure pets love their vicinity not just inside the house but even in the township.


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