How social media can impact home-buying

Although social media started off as a platform to share memories with family and friends, it has evolved into so much more in recent years. Many consumers now use social media as a key component of their decision-making process. Research has shown that 44% of potential home buyers make decisions based on what they see and read about online before asking their family and friends. There are various social media platforms that customers can use to conduct research into the real estate market.

Facebook has over 294 million users in India and is by far one of the most effective resources for potential homebuyers. Potential homebuyers can join groups specific to the communities they are looking to buy a home in. This can help them gain valuable information on different properties in the market. Many real estate companies post pictures of the properties on their Facebook page that highlight the strengths of the home which can help the homebuyer visualize what living in the home feels like.

Among all platforms, video content has been known to be the most appealing form of media to consumers. Videos can give consumers a virtual tour of the home along with a neighborhood guide which gives them more information about the area the property is in. Most real estate firms use professional videography that allows consumers to experience the interior and exterior of the home. Videos can give the consumer important information about the home in a visually appealing way.

Instagram is an ever-expanding community with 71 million users in India making it one of the most effective social media platforms. What makes Instagram a great social media platform for realty segment is the ability for consumers to directly engage with developers and receive quick answers on any queries they may have. Additionally, they can view pictures of the property along with different ideas on how to style the space etc.

Many real estate companies use Pinterest to add attractive pictures of the properties on the market that link back to the listing which can help homebuyers find homes in the area. This not only provides customers with ideas on how the home can be styled but gives them information on the amenities it has to offer and the location. Customers can share these pictures on their own board as well for decor inspiration.

Customers can use social media to find a lot of information about the homes and shortlist the ones they like thereby saving time & energy to physically go and check each project. Not only is social media informative but it also provides a lot of visual content. Additionally, they can reach out to real estate agents directly and receive an instant response to any questions they may have. The versatility of social media helps add value to your home buying experience. Visit House of Hiranandani today and find your dream home. You can also learn more about the real estate industry and gain more information on the latest trends and insights into the real estate market on our various social media platforms. Check out House of Hiranandani on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

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