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Balancing is an art.

Creating ultra-luxurious homes and caring for humanity.

(I) Afforestation & Horticulture:

We believe that greenery does much more than add just aesthetic values to a project. That’s why we pioneered the introduction of indigenous species of trees and shrubs into the fabric of urban communities. This proactive step formed the base of our numerous initiatives in horticulture. We have consistently improved the quality of life of the residents in our communities. Backed by an able in-house horticulture department concentrating with continuous efforts over 25 years, we have set an example by transforming Powai with over 30,000 trees. Till date, year after year, about 10,000 trees are planted and nursed on Powai hill, which is now being followed for every Hiranandani project.

Measures being undertaken: Adoption of modern techniques like podium garden, terrace garden and vertical garden in different HOH sites.
Intelligent plantation of medium or small trees like Simarouba glauca, Terminalia mantaly, Cassia fistula, etc. on podium or terraces balances commercial needs while going green.
Man-made forests turn small available open spaces into botanical spots, now followed and implemented at our recent Chennai project.

(II) Care for our Labour

The temporary labour colony in OMR, Chennai provides accommodation to over 650 laborers that are engaged in the construction of the 120-acre House of Hiranandani, Egattur Community. Our prompt administration and safety teams ensure optimum maintenance of hygiene levels in and around the living quarters, clean toilets through facilities like housekeeping, safe disposal of garbage, adequate re-cycling of food waste, sewage treatment plant, fumigation for controlling mosquitoes and insects. The residents of the colony also have access to two doctors thrice a week and medicines are provided free of cost for them. We have tied up with an NGO and run a school for labourer's children. Teachers, uniform, education and sports kits are made available to them so that they can be at par with other students. 

(III) Energy Conservation:

To ensure that our real estate projects conserve energy, the external walls of our building are made using hollow blocks as they provide insulation against high day temperatures. We also aim to maximize the use of fly ash that is generated by coal-fired power plants in concrete, plastering and blocks works as it reduces the use of cement in construction.

In any residential or commercial building,  central air-conditioning and lighting up common areas consume a  lot of energy that leads to wastage of natural resources. In order to make their optimum use, our projects are equipped with alternate sources of energy. Hybrid power systems comprising of wind mill and solar panels are installed and integrated in the electrical distribution system to ensure that there is minimal wastage.

Three methods to conserve energy: All our developments are planned for rain water harvesting and ground water recharge. The collected water is re-used for gardening, car wash, flushing and other constructive activities.Sewage water from household utilities is channelized and treated for reuse after removal of contaminants and pollutants for everyday activities like irrigation and garden maintenance.
With an intelligent approach to designing public spaces, we ensure reduction in energy consumption by implementing ideas like automatic switching off lights in unoccupied areas.

(IV) Nurturing the future:

House of Hiranandani has assisted in the development of a middle school with 300 children in Kazhipattur near our integrated community in Chennai. We have ensured good quality education to underprivileged children. We have also donated a large community library space within the Hiranandani Gardens, Powai (Mumbai) to Udaan India Foundation (UIF) to inculcate reading habit in under privileged children.