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Realtyism series

‘Realtyism’ powered by House of Hiranandani is an initiative to educate people about the nuances of real estate. It is a knowledge series which will empower you and enhance your knowledge about real estate investments.

NRI Investing in Real Estate in India – Things to know

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<h2><span itemprop="name">NRI Investment in Luxury Apartments in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad - House Of Hiranandani</span></h2>

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<span itemprop="description">The following video has important information for NRI's who are interested in investing In Indian Real Estate Market for buying apartments in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Sunaina Kohli, AVP Sales & Marketing at House of Hiranandani, takes you through the things one should know before investing in India. A NRI can purchase as many Residential and Commercial Properties in India. Few limitations exist on purchase of Agricultural Lands, Farm Houses and Plantation properties. While buying a Property, check for RERA registration. Learn about NRI Investment for residential apartments in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai offered by House of Hiranandani. Watch the video for a complete checklist on nri investments in India. </span>



#Realtyism Video Series - Tax Advantages

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<h2><span itemprop="name">Tax Benefits for Investing in Residential Apartments - House of Hiranandani</span></h2>

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<span itemprop="description">Watch our Realtyism series video on Tax Benefit of investing in Residential Apartments in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad in India. Watch the video to know more about the terms and condition of Tax Benefits that you can get on the Loan Re-Payment for the property & Principal payment. If a Loan is taken jointly by family members, both family members can avail Tax benefit provided the Loan payment happens from both the accounts. Learn about the varied tax benefits and invest in apartments in Hebbal, Devanahalli, Bannerghatta, OMR etc. </span>



#Realtyism Video series - Role of Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA)

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<h2><span itemprop="name">RERA Regulations | Buy Residential Property in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad - House of Hiranandani</span></h2>

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<span itemprop="description">All you need to know about RERA- Real Estate Regulatory Act for buying residential properties in Bangalore, Chennai & Bangalore. Satarupa Banerjee, Assistant Vice President - Legal, House of Hiranandani, takes you through all the information about role of RERA and all the FAQ’s related to RERA.</span>



Realtyism Video series - ​Construction process of a building

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<h2><span itemprop="name">Construction Process Of A Building | Projects in Bangalore Chennai & Hyderabad- House Of Hiranandani</span></h2>

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<span itemprop="description">There’s so much to constructing buildings that last for generations. House of Hiranandani's Realtyism series comes up with an interesting video on building construction process. Mr. Manish Jain, Chief Operating Officer​, House of Hiranandani guides us through the step by step process on the construction process of a building.  Right from building a Strong foundation to building vertical beams and Horizontal columns to finally construction of a huge tower. Learn more in the video and buy luxurious residential apartments in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad.</span>



Realtyism video series - 5 documents to check before buying a house

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<h2><span itemprop="name">Documents to Check Before Buying Apartments in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad - House Of Hiranandani</span></h2>

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<span itemprop="description">House of Hiranandani, provides you all the information about the documents you need to check before buying a new property in its residential projects offered at Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad. Proper documentation ensures a safe buy. Mayura Pradhan, Legal Expert in real estate shares the checklist of documents that you must run through before you proceed to buy your home. Watch more and buy residential apartments in Hebbal, Devanahalli, Bannerghatta, OMR etc. offered by House of Hiranandani.</span>



Realtyism Video Series - Home Buying Tips

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<h2><span itemprop="name">Home Buying Tips | Residential Apartments in Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad - House of Hiranandani</span></h2>

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<span itemprop="description">Mr. Prashant Mirkar (VP Marketing & Sales), House of Hiranandani offers comprehensive guide on Home Buying Tips in India. Learn all about Hidden charges & Documentations needed to buy a Home. Watch the video and explore residential apartments in Hebbal, Devanahalli, Bannerghatta, OMR etc. offered by House of Hiranandani.</span>